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Enjoy 4p/min Calls to Nigeria from the United Kingdom using our access numbers

There is no need to register or give your details. Call from landlines and mobiles as well as from payphones with instant connections!

Call Nigeria from just 4p/min!

Crystal clear line quality for relaxing calls with no need to strain your ears because of background line noise.

You can call Nigeria via our access number 24/7 and only pay for the calls you make. There are no hidden charges, you pay us for the call to the access number and that's all.

Why not give it a try now?

CALL Nigeria from UK Landlines » for 4p/min

Easy steps to make calls to Nigeria landlines from UK landlines:

1. Dial the Nigeria access number.
2. At the message prompt, Dial your number in Nigeria (including 00 )*
3. It's that simple. You're connected to your destination in Nigeria.

Call Rate Access Numbers
4p per minute
0844 904 4011
Nigeria Mobiles
4p per minute
0844 904 4011

NB - Calls cost the ‘per minute’ service charge shown (above) plus your phone provider's access charge.

From 1 July 2015, the regulator Ofcom is changing the way these numbers are charged for. Charges to 08 and 09 numbers will be split into 1) a Service Charge which is charged by our call service provider New Call Telecom and 2) an Access charge which is a per minute charge by your phone provide e.g. BT, for connecting the call. By adding together the access charge and the service charge, you’ll know exactly what the call will cost you. Please check with your phone provider for their access charge.

Calls to Nigeria mobiles are just 4p/min using the cheap call rates access number 0844 904 4011.(Plus your phone provider's access charge)

Click Here - For your Nigeria access number and calling details

Access Numbers Terms and Conditions - Click Here

CALL Nigeria FROM UK MOBILES » from 5.6/min

Call Nigeria landlines from UK mobiles for just 5.6p/min with NO NEED TO ENTER A PIN*.

Call rate
Nigeria Landlines
Nigeria Mobiles

If you are calling from a UK landline or a mobile provider such as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange or 3G mobile, we offer call rates to Nigeria from 5.6p per min using text credit and calling via an 03 access number which is charged at landline rates.

How to call Nigeria using Text Credit
1. Send the Text message CCD to the number 80077 for £5 call credit
1a. Send the Text message CCD to the number 67400 for £10 credit
(Get extra £1 call credit when you do a £10 top up)

Texts cost £5/£10 plus standard SMS cost. Call credit lasts 90 days. Connection charge of twice the per minute rate per call applies. Full terms

2. You will receive a reply text with a PIN worth £5/£10 call credit.
3. Dial the access number 0344 545 0030.
4. Dial your international number in full (including 00).

(Remember not to press send again after you have dialled your international number.)

*You will not be asked to enter the PIN if calling from the same mobile the text was sent from. The PIN may be used to call from any other phone.

Click Here - For further details and terms


When you make a call via our Nigeria access number, it is your service provider that will charge you - not us.

That's it! Your call will be charged by your existing phone provider and appear on your next phone bill.

Click Here - For further details on how it works




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